BREAK THROUGH THE BARRIERS: Shatter Your Limitations

 Every person at one time or another has had dreams of doing something great with their lives, but not many people have mastered the courage to pursue those dreams. Many people continue to live in very deprived conditions despite the enormous potential and God-given capabilities packaged within them; they just do enough to get by and possibly arrive safely at the graveyard. The few that make a positive difference in this world and live their lives to the fullest—those who master the courage to do what the rest are afraid to do, are the ones who have developed their inner persons to the point of breaking through the life and environmental barriers; and shattering the limitations imposed on them by personal deficiencies, culture and traditions.

Success is not for the chosen few; rather it is for the few who chose. Grab this book today at a highly discounted rate and learn how you too can break through the barriers and shatter your limitations, so that you can embark on your journey to greatness. Time and circumstances have never been so ripe as it is now, for every individual to break the barriers and pursue their dreams and their life aspirations.


The subject of the Kingdom of God is primarily the message of the gospel. The Gospel is about the King of Kings and the coming Kingdom. This was the core message of the LORD Jesus Christ. Though lost to the contemporary Christian, it is at the very ‘heart’ of the author of life—Jesus Christ. This book seeks to reintroduce this lost gem to the hurting and disillusioned world with a waning Christian Influence. The author traces this concept from the very beginning of time, to when and how it was lost and how to rediscover and appropriate its full benefits here and now, and live victoriously every day.